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Fighter Pilots USA offers you the perfect ‘mission flight plan’ for your next sales incentive, product launch or business meeting in the form of our Red Baron Innovative Flying Events.

The need for speed!


"The Best 3 Hours in Life"

"Flying upside down (the horizon lost, the good earth above you), diving to gain speed (speed is life), pulling 6 Gs (your body weight now 1,100 lbs, blood draining out of your head, your lungs funny)...the experience is exhilarating!" 

The J. Peterman Company


For over twenty-four years, Fighter Pilots USA has offered business meetings, group incentives and product launch events that attendees remember for a lifetime. We pride ourselves in creating custom events that combine the best possible flight experience while fostering communication and camaraderie that will enhance your company's image. We are very flexible and will customize each event to your specifications and objectives. Imagine your next meeting getting off the ground and soaring into the wild blue yonder at 10,000 feet!

Click here to download a printable PDF flyer about our Red Baron Innovative Flying Events perfect for corporate or group events, business meetings, sales incentives or product launches.


You only need a desire to soar!



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Fighter Pilots USA offers the ultimate group or corporate flying events via a variety of aircraft platforms. Tell us where you wish to hold your event and we will do the rest. You will fly a light attack fighter aircraft under the watchful eyes of your qualified instructor pilot. To find out more about our programs, options and costs please contact us. This is not a simulator!


Aero L-39 Albatros


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